Our business principles…

Business PrinciplesWe take this stuff seriously.


If we can’t provide what you want for a price that fits within your stated budget by the date you want it, we will tell you up front. Period. It may cause you to look elsewhere, and that’s OK. If we can, we will even help you find a partner who may be able to provide exactly what you need.



We have done in depth research on the huge range of vendors who provide these categories of service. Some are extremely inexpensive but provide a low-quality product (and then charge high prices for changes and add-on services later on). Some are very pricy and although they provide an excellent product, it comes with “bells and whistles” you’ll likely never need (sort of like selling you a Range Rover when all you needed was a well-built and trusty Subaru).

We fall somewhere in the middle. We want to understand exactly what your business needs are and provide an excellent product that meets those needs perfectly, with room to grow only if you feel it’s necessary. We want you to feel you’ve been treated fairly by us, with respect and dignity.

Because we’d like you to tell others about our services and how much you enjoy working with us. It just makes sense. We want this to be a good partnership, and a good partnership is a fair partnership.



We are very proud of the work we do. Our work is our best marketing tool. If the product doesn’t work as expected, or appears hastily thrown together without enough attention, it not only reflects poorly on you, it reflects poorly us. Everything we do is high quality. The content we write, the imagery used, the functionality of our sites. We settle fornothing less than excellence.



If we agree with you on specific details, they will be delivered. If we agree with you on a deadline, it will be met. We will uphold our end of our agreement. Period.