Responsive Website designHow important is responsive website design?

More than ever before, websites must be beautiful on whatever devices are being used to view them – desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. As this article by John Rampton (self-proclaimed “online marketing guru”) clarifies, your audience expects your website to be responsive. Some website firms will charge you extra fees to make your site using responsive design. We think that’s nonsense. All of our sites are responsive, and we won’t charge you a penny more for it.


We typically build websites using Wordpress, but we use other web builders such as Squarespace and Wix, too. If your site is already built in another program and you need it updated, we can do that. Take a look at a collection of our recent website projects!


Websites serve you best if you update them with fresh content regularly. Take a look at this article by Elizabeth Garvey, content strategist for Skyword. Too busy running your business to do it yourself? We can do it for you.


The cost of your website design depends on a lot of things. We take the following into consideration when formulating a proposal for you:

  • How many pages will your website have?
  • Will you want to sell things and collect payment through your website?
  • Will you want to engage with your audience using email marketing?
  • Will you want to offer memberships of some kind to your audience, and will you want to manage those memberships through your website (for example, will you want to have a portion of your website content available “for members only”?)
  • Do you already have a logo and images for your website, or do you need those produced for you?
  • Do you already have content for your website or do you need it written for you?
  • Will you want to include a blog on your website?
  • Will you want social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter connected to your website? Do you already have accounts on those platforms?


We don’t have a “one price fits all” approach, but we can promise you that we will be fair in our proposals. We won’t be the cheapest option out there, but we certainly won’t be the most expensive.

On the fence about hiring someone to do website design for you and thinking of building a website on your own? Here’s some helpful advice for you (and we’re not trying to convince you not to try it!):

Website Builders Comparison Chart by Jeremy Wong