About Us

SMC Webworks, LLC is owned and operated by Sarah Calatayud in Avon, CT.  Sarah began her digital marketing career path in 2003 when she built a website for a small business for whom she worked as business manager and bookkeeper. Discovering she loved both the technical aspects of web design as well as the creative aspects of content development, she has worked in several digital marketing/web design positions and has extensive experience with web builder tools and content management systems such as WordPress (her favorite), and Blackbaud’s NetCommunity.


Most business owners launch their businesses because they’re experts in their business fields, but they don’t particularly relish the thought of building and maintaining a website or engaging prospective customers with e-mail marketing and social media campaigns.


Sarah founded SMC Webworks, LLC because she loves the myriad technical details involved in executing the website-building and digital marketing strategies every successful business needs. She understands business owners would prefer to place most or all of those tasks in the capable hands of a trusted partner and focus their own energies on providing the services they know best.


Sarah knew she’d found her calling when one of her first website customers told her, “My husband said, ‘Holy cow, whatever she’s doing, it’s working!!’ LOL thank you!


Learn more about us here: View Sarah Montgomery Calatayud's profile on LinkedIn